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The slides don't synchronize with the video when I watch the presentation

Category: Playback

There are a number of reasons for this :-
  • If you are playing an exported presentation back from your hard disk or a CD/DVD and are using the flash plugin to play videos, you will need to modify your flash security settings. Find out more about this problem here.
  • If you have an old version of flash and a much more recent web browser version (or vice-versa), it is not uncommon for the interaction between flash and javascript to fail. Upgrade flash and your browser to the latest versions and try again.
  • The javascript interactions don't work in some of the more unusual OS/Browser combinations. This is a browser/plugin vendor issue and there is not a lot we can do about it. See the browser compatibility page for more information on what we expect to work/fail.
  • You may have security settings or software which is blocking interactions between the plugins and javascript. This is quite rare and would only be expected if you have increased security above the normal defaults.
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