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What do the output settings mean?

Category: AutoView Presentation Converter

a) Generic zip file. This will produce a zip file which contains all of the necessary content files for the AutoView presentation, but does not contain the delivery platform or an index page. It is intended to be uploaded into a Moodle system which already has AutoView, with the .avx file being used as the configuration file for a new AutoView presentation within Moodle.

b) Moodle backup file. Essentially the same as the generic zip file, but this option will include configuration data which enables the zip file to be restored using the Moodle backup restore system if the file is uploaded into the 'backupdata' directory of the course. The backup file is compatible with Moodle 1.8 and 1.9.

c) Self contained presentation. This will create a complete presentation in a directory on disk, with all of the necessary files to enable the presentation to be placed directly on a website or CD/DVD.

d) SCORM file. This will create a zip file with a SCORM manifest so that it can be imported into any system which supports the SCORM format. All necessary files to play back the presentation are included in the zip file.

e) AutoView .avx file only. This will only generate the .avx configuration file for the presentation, this is for use by advanced users who need access to the underlying presentation configuration.
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