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How do I convert my slides from PowerPoint format?

Category: Slides

There are a number of options :

  1. We have a commercial document conversion service which can be integrated with AutoView, which is available to our customers from our Software Store.
  2. Install OpenOffice, load the PowerPoint file into OpenOffice and use the export function to create a Flash movie of your presentation. Use the slides with the Flash (Open Office) slide format.
  3. Convert your presentation to a PDF (eg using PDFCreator), this can then be converted to a suitable flash slide file using the Swftools PDF2SWF utility. The Windows version now comes with a Graphical interface. You should make sure that the 'insert stop after each frame' settings on the options screen is set to 'yes' before converting any slides. Presentations converted in this way should use the Flash (AutoView converter) slide type.
  4. Buy a copy of iSpring Pro, publish the presentation as Standalone Flash Files and then upload all the slides into a separate folder within Moodle. Use the folder with the Flash (Separate files) slide format. AutoView cannot trigger animations within the slides, so you must either turn off all animation, or ensure that all animated elements play back automatically after the slide has loaded.
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