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Can I show a slide more than once during a presentation?

Category: Slides

In normal operation AutoView is designed to allow for only one time trigger per slide, so for a pre-recorded presentation the easiest way to repeat a slide is to insert a second copy into the original presentation before uploading.

However, if you are using AutoView Moodle module 2011051101 and/or Lecture Capture Live 1.07 or later, then there is some support for multiple time triggers per slide. This support is primarily intended for use with the Broadcast mode of the Lecture Capture Live plugin, which does allow slides to be displayed more than once. The function is not fully supported through the editing interface. However, you can specify an alternative slide for any given time trigger by adding the slide number after the time index, separated by a semi colon. eg:


Would show slide 7 at 15 minutes, 30.4 seconds.

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