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Category: AutoView Presentation Converter
Topic: My presentation could not be read by the converter
If you have a presentation file which cannot be read or converted by the Presentation Converter, please contact us or open a bug report using the bug tracker on this website.

Category: Slides
Topic: What file names and images sizes should I use for an Image slide source?

All the images should be placed in the same folder, with the files named according to the following scheme :

  • 160x120 pixels, filename=imgXXX_1.jpg (used for thumbnails)
  • 512x384 pixels, filename=imgXXX_2.jpg
  • 640x480 pixels, filename=imgXXX_3.jpg
  • 800x600 pixels, filename=imgXXX_4.jpg

eg : If you have a presentation with 3 slides, you should end up with the following files :

img001_1.jpg img001_2.jpg img001_3.jpg img001_4.jpg
img002_1.jpg img002_2.jpg img002_3.jpg img002_4.jpg
img003_1.jpg img003_2.jpg img003_3.jpg img003_4.jpg

Image based slide sources are essential if you want thumbnails to work.

If you have the AutoView document converter service available on your system, then suitable images can be generated automatically from your original slide file in a single step, so manually creating the images as described above is unnecessary.


Category: Lecture Capture Live
Topic: The flash plugin always takes about a minute to connect to the Lecture Capture Live server

This is probably because your organisation or network provider is blocking direct access to the Lecture Capture Live server. After a minute or so the Flash plugin will automatically fall back on alternative methods to communicate with the Lecture Capture Live Server.

In order to improve the initial speed of connection, you should contact your network administrator and ask them to allow direct access to RTMP on port 1935 of the website which is hosting the presentation(s) you are trying to watch.


Category: Slides
Topic: Can I show a slide more than once during a presentation?

In normal operation AutoView is designed to allow for only one time trigger per slide, so for a pre-recorded presentation the easiest way to repeat a slide is to insert a second copy into the original presentation before uploading.

However, if you are using AutoView Moodle module 2011051101 and/or Lecture Capture Live 1.07 or later, then there is some support for multiple time triggers per slide. This support is primarily intended for use with the Broadcast mode of the Lecture Capture Live plugin, which does allow slides to be displayed more than once. The function is not fully supported through the editing interface. However, you can specify an alternative slide for any given time trigger by adding the slide number after the time index, separated by a semi colon. eg:


Would show slide 7 at 15 minutes, 30.4 seconds.


Category: Lecture Capture Live
Topic: A new video file is created every time I start and stop a live broadcast.
Red 5 version 0.7 does not have the ability to correctly append video data onto an existing video file when a broadcast is stopped and re-started, so Lecture Capture Live versions 1.04 and later will create a new file each time to ensure the correct recording of the video data. If you have a single presentation with multiple video files, you will need to edit these file together to replay the presentation.

However, the capability to append video data to existing files does exist in Red5 version 0.8 and this is now supported in Lecture Capture Live version 1.07 and later. Using Red5 0.8 and Lecture Capture Live 1.07 a new video file will only be created if the broadcast client is exited and re-started by the user.

Category: Editing
Topic: The file browser choose link dosn't work in IE 9 when using the Quickstart Wizard
This is a known bug in Internet Explorer 9. You can work around this problem by enabling the 'Compatibility View' function. Older versions of IE are not affected by this problem.

Category: Moodle Module
Topic: Why do I need the Course Files Area and Repository File Manager in Moodle 2.x?

Moodle 2.x handles files in a very different way to Moodle 1.x. Unfortunately the new file handling methods aren't compatible with AutoView for the following reasons:

  • The Files API doesn't allow direct access to the underlying files, or modification of these files in situ. (This is essential for live streaming)
  • The file picker isn't compatible with the design of the AutoView editor.
  • Adding multiple files to a presentation is very time consuming.

For these reasons we have provided the Course Files Area Repository and Repository File Manager Block. These plugins provide the necessary file handling capabilities to allow AutoView to function in Moodle 2.x.


Category: Videos
Topic: Which formats are supported by the Java Audio player?
The Java Audio player only supports Ogg/Vorbis files at present.

Category: Slides
Topic: How do I convert my slides from RTL PowerPoint format?
For best results, use swftools or OpenOffice.

Or one of the online content conversion tool: 

Category: Playback
Topic: Slide synchronisation not working
If you find that the slides never synchronise with the video, but the video does play, please make sure that your web browser and video playback plugins (Flash etc) are up to date. If you have an old plugin version with a recent web browser version (or vice-versa), then the interaction between the browser and the plugin will sometimes fail to work correctly. In these cases the video will usually play, but all other functions will fail. If this still doesn't fix the synchronisation problem, then please check your browser security settings (and any other security plugins you may have installed) to make sure that Javascript is allowed to communicate with the plugins installed on your system. If Javascript communication with your plugins is blocked, then slide synchronisation will fail.

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