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Contains help and support for all parts of the AutoView system.


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Category: Playback
Topic: The audio is silent when watching a flash video on my mobile phone

The Flash Lite plugin used by some mobile phones does not support the Audio codec used by the Lecture Capture Live plugin to record and broadcast videos. Unfortunately this is a limitation of the current Flash plugin and we are unable to provide a direct solution at present.

If you are the Author of the presentation, then we suggest re-encoding your video using the MP3 codec for the audio if you want your presentation to be viewable on mobile phones using the Flash Lite plugin.

We hope that future releases of the Flash plugin will solve this problem.


Category: Moodle Module
Topic: Will you be supporting Moodle 2.x?
Yes, the Moodle 2.x Module can now be downloaded from here.

Category: Other
Topic: Can I use AutoView with other VLE's or as a standalone system?
The AutoView Exporter allows you to create SCORM modules of your presentations which can be used on other VLE's.

We are developing a standalone version of AutoView which can be used without Moodle.

We do not currently support any other VLE's, but AutoView is designed with platform portability in mind, so additional VLE's may be supported in the future.

Category: Slides
Topic: How do I prepare slides for AutoView?

If you have purchased the Lecture Capture Live software with our Document Conversion Service, then all you need do is upload your Powerpoint or Opendocument slides onto your sever and open the AutoView 'Convert Slides' dialogue.

If you do not have our document conversion service, then you can find instructions for slide preparation here.


Category: Videos
Topic: How do I prepare videos for AutoView?

If you have our Lecture Capture Live addon, then videos can be recorded directly onto your server from within the web browser.

If you do not have Lecture Capture Live, then you can find instructions here.


Category: AutoView Exporter
Topic: I want to use a much higer quality video for my exported presentation.

You can replace the video files in exported presentations with higher quality versions after the export has been completed as long as the replacement is in the same format as the original and has the same file name.

If the video is different to the original, then you will need to manually edit the AutoView presentation configuration to change the file name and/or video type.


Category: Lecture Capture Live
Topic: Do I need any additional server software to use Lecture Capture Live?

Lecture Capture Live requires you to have the Red 5 flash server software installed on your system in addition to a normal webserver.

Red 5 will require Java support on your server and changes to system firewall rules.


Category: Lecture Capture Live
Topic: Will I need to install any special software on my computer to record or broadcast videos?

No, recording and broadcasting with Lecture Capture Live only requires a Flash enabled web browser, a webcam and a microphone.


Category: Lecture Capture Live
Topic: Can I broadcast/record using a 3G mobile internet connection?
Yes, if you have a good reliable signal. We recommend using a low bit rate to ensure reliable transmission.

Category: Document Converter
Topic: Does the document converter support slides with animation?
The document converter does not convert animated slides. Any animation, or slide 'build up' present in the slide will be flattened out, so that in most cases the viewer will see the slide in it's final form.

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