Overview & Features

AutoView Screenshot

AutoView is video lecture plugin for Moodle.

AutoView is a cross-browser/platform compatible and can be used with the majority of commonly available web browsers and operating systems.


AutoView has a feature rich delivery platform which can be configured to match your requirements. Some of the main capabilities are listed below :

  • Video presentations with synchronised slides and/or subtitles.
  • Full multi-lingual support for subtitles, slides and videos.
  • Subtitle transcripts.
  • Translatable interface.
  • Themeable/Configurable interface.
  • Slide summaries (Using PDF's or Images) for printing or download.
  • Slide Thumbnails.
  • Drop down slide menu.
  • Slides presented using Flash and/or JPEG/GIF/PNG images.
  • Video for web presentations can be served via dedicated streaming servers if required.
  • Moodle module with a browser based editing mode.
  • Video delivery using HTML 5 (supports HLS and DASH for streaming) and/or Flash
  • Save/Restore video position.
  • Automatic detection and selection of available browser plugins.
  • HTML 5 compliance for wide browser and OS support
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