Other Moodle 2.x Addons

On this page are some useful tools and patches which relate to out work with the Moodle 2.x Learning Platform. Autotrain accepts no liability for anything whatsoever that might go wrong as a result of using any software downloaded from these pages.

Important Note : These modules are for system administrators only and require file level access to the server that runs Moodle. If you are not the administrator of your Moodle server, you will not be able to install these modules.

Course Files Area Repository

This repository plugin provides a file storage area within Moodle 2.x which is similar in function to the Course Files functionality in Moodle 1.x, using the same numbered directories within the moodle data directory. It was developed primarily to provide a 'live files' area within the Moodle environment for use by the our AutoView Lecture Capture System, however the repository can be used with many other Moodle activities and resources.

This repository is capable of operating as both an internal and external files repository, although the internal capability is disabled by default. If the internal files capability is enabled on a normal Moodle system then any files used will be copied into the new Moodle 2.x file structure.

Please note, adding this block to a Moodle 2.x package prior to upgrading from Moodle 1.x will not prevent the existing content of the 1.x course files from being moved into the 2.x file storage structure when a server is upgraded and files held in the course files area are not currently included in the Moodle Backups.

Users of this plugin are should also install the Repository file manager block (below).

Repository File Manager

The primary purpose of this block is to provide file management capabilities for the Course files area repository. However, this block is also capable of interfacing with the Moodle Files API to provide limited file browsing capabilities for other repository types. The code is a development of the Moodle 1.9.x file manager, re-written to work with the Moodle 2.x.


Repository File Manager Screenshot

Jump To Menu

This block will provide a 'jump to' menu within Moodle 2.x, similar to that used by Moodle 1.x (much of the code has been borrowed from 1.x). Install the block as normal by copying the contents of this download into the moodle/blocks directory.

Once installed, the block can operate in a number of different ways :

  1. By default, the block will use some clever javascript to display the jump to menu below the login/out link, while hiding the actual block on the page when not in editing mode. If you place the block on a part of the page with no other blocks, you will probably find that you get an empty column. Users without javascript will see the menu inside a normal Moodle block.
  2. If you prefer to have the menu displayed inside a normal Moodle block, then change the global config setting.
  3. If you want the menu to appear on content pages which can't display blocks (eg framed HTML), or would prefer not to use javascript to place the menu, then you can patch the layout templates in your chosen theme so that the menu is displayed on all pages. Just add the following lines:
    echo block_jumpto_menu_html();

    at the point where you would like the menu to be displayed. We recommend that these lines be placed at the end of the headermenu div, immediately after the line echo $PAGE->headingmenu;. If you patch the themes, you should switch off the "Show menu below login/logout link" option in the blocks global config. You may want to disable use of the Jump To block altogether.