Document Convertor

We can provide a document conversion service which can be integrated with the AutoView system. The document converter enables the seamless conversion of PowerPoint and OpenDocument presentations into a suitable set of slide sources for AutoView which enables you to quickly and easily take advantage of the full range of AutoView slide features.

Document Converter Features

  • Converts the presentation to Flash format, for use as the main slide source.
  • Converts to PDF format for printing and download.
  • Converts to JPEG images which are used as slide thumbnails, on the transcript page for presentations with subtitles and as an alternative main slide source on clients where flash slides can't be used.
  • Reads the title of each slide and automatically inserts it into the AutoView presentation, removing the need to manually enter the titles.

AutoView will work without a document converter, but you will need to carry out all of the functions of the document converter manually using software installed on your computer. This process can be time consuming, so the use of the document converter is recommended.

The document converter service is available to all AutoTrain customers who have e-Learning websites hosted with us. A hosted conversion service which can be configured to operate with your own server can be purchased through our software store in conjunction with the Lecture Capture Live plugin.

We can also provide an installation service if you require the document conversion service on your own server. Please Contact Us with your requirements.

The document converter in action:

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