Browser/OS Compatibility

AutoView is written to follow web standards and should be compatible with any standards compliant browser. However, due to the complex nature of the Javascript, the necessary interactions with video plugins and variations in browser implementations, the behaviour of AutoView can vary from browser to browser and OS to OS. Below we present some notes based on our own testing of AutoView with various OS and browser combinations over the past few years. We attempt where possible to fix any problem we find, but many are due to bugs in the browser or the plugin which are beyond our control.

Playback and editing modes are dealt with separately in the testing.

We cannot guarantee that the information on this page is 100% up to date since new versions of browsers and plugins are constantly being released. However we do endeavour to keep it as current as possible.

AutoView presentation playback testing

Browsers used for testing.

Older versions may work, but this cannot be guaranteed.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

Firefox is the primary development browser, so if you have problem, please try Firefox first so that we can establish if the problem is a bug in our code, or a problem with the browser.

Windows Browsers

  Flash Video Real Player VideoLAN VLC Java Audio HTML 5 Quicktime Windows Media
Internet Explorer OK OK Not supported OK OK4 OK2 OK
Mozilla FireFox OK OK Partial3 OK OK OK Not Supported1
Opera OK OK Partial3 OK OK OK Not Supported1
Safari OK OK Partial3 OK OK OK Not Supported1
Chrome OK OK Partial3 OK OK OK Not Supported1

1 : Windows Media Player sources will be automatically substituted by VideoLAN VLC in browsers which do not support windows media player.
2 : We have occasionally had problems with Quicktime refusing to display video and only playing audio when running in IE. This appears to be a bug in either Quicktime or IE which we can't work around.
3 : Recent VLC versions (1.1.x) seem to have a bug which prevents them accessing any password protected content. Unfortunately there is very little we can do about this.
4 : IE 9+ only.

Windows 7

AutoView is fully functional under Windows 7 with all options working reliably.


Silverlight support is still included with current AutoView releases, but we are no longer fully supporting this plugin.

Tablets and Mobile Clients

AutoView includes support for tablet and mobile clients, details below:

  • iOS/iPad : HTML 5 mode is supported and fully tested on the iPad.
  • Android : Flash and HTML 5 are supported in the AutoView code, but this is not yet fully tested.
  • Symbian : Flash lite is supported and tested.

Linux Browsers

Note, only Firefox is officially supported for Linux, other browsers are shown for information only.

  Flash Video Real Player VideoLAN VLC Java Audio HTML 5
Mozilla FireFox OK OK OK OK OK
Opera OK OK Slide/Subtitle sync fail OK OK
Chrome OK No Slide Sync Browser can't find plugin OK OK

1 : Flash slides don't work reliably.

Known Problems :

  1. We have encountered a problem with RealPlayer crashing when trying to play videos. This usually manifests itself by the RealPlayer plugin going blank shortly after pressing the play button. In some cases updating to the latest version of RealPlayer may solve the problem. If the problem persists, open RealPlayer in standalone mode (either from your system menu or by typing 'realplay &' at the command prompt). Select 'tools>preferences' from the menu bar, click the 'Hardware' tab and un-select the 'Use XVideo' check box. This may solve the problem.
  2. Version 10.0.8 and later of Real Player seems to have a problem with slide/subtitle synchronisation when using embedded event triggers. This is unlikely to affect 3rd party websites using AutoView. We do have a workaround for this problem, but hope that later releases of RealPlayer will fix the problem.
  3. RealPlayer doesn't seem to be able to pick up the users Moodle session in some cases, so anything which requires the user to be logged in may fail.

Crossover Plugin & Quicktime

Quicktime may partially work under Linux with crossover, but this mode isn't supported. Slide sync is unlikely to work. Linux users are recommended to install VideoLAN VLC instead to view Quicktime videos, VLC should be automatically substituted for Quicktime for presentations which do not have a VLC source configured.

Mac OS X Browsers

  Flash Video Real Player VideoLAN VLC Java Audio HTML 5 Quicktime
Safari1 OK Not Tested Not Tested Not Tested Not Tested OK
Mozilla FireFox Not Tested Not Tested Not Tested Dosn't play Not Tested OK

1 : Flash sides don't work correctly.

Note : We do not have any Apple Macs here, so this information is based on user feedback. We are happy to work with Mac users to ensure that AutoView works correctly with Apple software.

OpenSolaris Browsers

Please note, we do not officially support solaris, this is for information only.

  Flash Video Real Player VideoLAN VLC Java Audio
Firefox OK Plugin crash Not Tested OK

AutoView editing mode testing

At present editing mode is only officially supported with Mozilla/IE 6+ on Windows/Linux. However, if you have test results from other browser/os combinations, we would be happy to post them here.

  Windows Linux Mac OS X
Mozilla Firefox OK OK Not tested
Internet Explorer OK n/a n/a
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