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AutoView modiule 2010100802 released
by Tim Williams - Wednesday, 13 October 2010, 5:19 PM

This AutoView release addresses the following issues:

  1. Added settings.php file for better compatibility with Moodle 1.9+ config system.
  2. Added mod_form.php so that the instance config page now works with Moodle forms.
  3. Added a popup slide window, this provides a second synchronised slide display which can be used to show slides full screen on a dual monitor system, while still allowing.
  4. Fixed a bug which caused the URL of live recordings made in the course files root folder to be set wrong in the Flash video source added when the recording is finished.
  5. Help file updates.
  6. Fix for the lack of flash video seek accuracy causing slides to jump back by one when manually selecting the slide with the video paused.