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AutoView module 2010012702 and Live Capture/Lecture Plugin version 0.94 released
by Tim Williams - Wednesday, 27 January 2010, 3:51 PM

AutoView for Moodle module version 2010012701 and Live Capture/Lecture plugin preview release version 0.94 are now ready for download.

Please note, if you are using the Live Capture/Lecture plugin, you will need to upgrade both the Moodle module and the plugin at the same time. There are changes in the interaction between the two which will cause a failure if only one of the two is upgraded.

The Moodle Module release addresses the following issues :

  1. The Quickstart wizard now correctly reads the Live Capture/Live Lecture privileges.
  2. Non-critical alwaysuseflashstream javascript error fixed.
  3. autoview.xsl template changed so that empty/unset parameters are not passed through.
  4. Quickstart wizard now asks if the user wants to use flash streaming (if Live Capture/Lecture is installed) when adding a pre-recorded flash video.
  5. Quickstart Wizard no longer assumes the OpenOffice slide type when flash slides are selected.
  6. Quickstart Wizard will now display a warning message if the slide type isn't recognised.
  7. Flash server authorisation process improvements.
  8. Workaround for changes in IE which causes the printable slides window to be blank when using a PDF slide source.
  9. Some layout and sizing changes to prevent unneeded vertical scrollbars.
  10. Changes to the authentication code for Live Capture/Lecture. Versions of Live capture prior to 0.94 will not work with this AutoView release.
  11. LivePlayer.swf has been renamed as avreceive.swf and moved into the Live Capture download.
  12. Experimental support for video playback using the HTML 5 video tag (note this has been hidden by default).