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AutoView Module 2009121101 and AutoView Live 0.93 now released
by Tim Williams - Friday, 11 December 2009, 3:33 PM

AutoView module version 2009121101 for Moodle is now available for download. This release addresses the following issues :

  1. Add new permission to use live broadcast/lecture mode separately from live recording.
  2. Add admin option to force the use of flash streaming when available.
  3. Fix bug which sometimes causes Firefox 3.5.5 to fail to start live broadcast client in some cases.
  4. Oversize subtitles will now have an internal scrollbar instead of expanding the box.
  5. New slide type which allows flash based slides in separate files. Intended for use with iSpring Pro, but it should be applicable to any collection of flash files.
  6. Fix Live Capture authentication bug.
  7. Fix bug which sometimes corrupts the subtitle editing drop down box when HTML codes are included in the subtitle.

In addition, preview demo version 0.93 of the AutoView Live Capture and Live Lecture plugin is now available.