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AutoView version 2008103101 available for download
by Tim Williams - Friday, 31 October 2008, 3:15 PM

This is primarily a bug fix release, addressing the following issues :

  1. Association of subtitles with slides in transcripts now improved.
  2. Bug AV_10 (Javascript error in times/titles with no slides loaded) fixed
  3. Subtitle width now correctly calculated if there are no slides present
  4. Bug AV_11 (displaying changed slide/subtitle times in IE) fixed
  5. AutoView presentations are now optionally created with their own directory to keep the file structure cleaner.
  6. 'Switch on editing mode' button on instance config page will now only appear for a pre-existing presentation.
  7. Editing mode should switch on automatically for new presentations.
  8. Some errors in the handling of multi-lingual subtitles and subtitle time indexes fixed.
  9. Document convertor file name handling fault fixed.