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AutoView version 2008100601 available for download
by Tim Williams - Monday, 6 October 2008, 4:46 PM

This release addresses the following issues :

  1. Browser detection updated to account for Google Chrome browser
  2. Prefered language now uses the current default for the session, rather than the users prefered language from their profile
  3. French language files have been edited to use javascript escape sequences for accented characters as per the other language files
  4. require_login replaced with require_course_login in view.php, autoview.php, avedit.php
  5. Improved German and Spanish translations of autoview 3 delivery platform
  6. Machine written Slovak translation added to the autoview 3 delivery platform
  7. Flash slide quality increased from 'high' to 'best'
  8. Transcript display improved with thumbnails (where available) and is now split up by slide.
  9. Minimum Moodle version changed to 1.8.x (2007021560)