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AutoView version 2008080401 available for download
by Tim Williams - Monday, 4 August 2008, 2:23 PM

This AutoView release fixes some bugs and adds a few new features :

  1. Error in subtitle import fixed.
  2. Error when saving subtitles to subdirectory fixed.
  3. Minor error in subtitle escaping fixed.
  4. Subtitle splitting now ignores "." and "," symbols which are part of number sequences.
  5. Subtitle/Slide numbers in the times/titles display can now be clicked on to change the slide/subtitle.
  6. Delete all slide times/subtitle times button added.
  7. 'Move & set' will only set a time if the subtitle/slide actually changes. Prevents accidental overwriting of the last slide/subtitle trigger if 'Move & set' is accidentally clicked at the end of a presentation.
  8. Some minor language changes to 'Sync' button and 'All slides' button.
  9. Slide and subtitle synchronisation now have separate underlying boolean control variables. This is to allow slide sync to continue when setting subtitle times with 'Move and Set'.