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AutoView version 2008042301 available for download
by Tim Williams - Wednesday, 23 April 2008, 6:25 PM

From version 2008042301 onwards the structure of the download has changed, the actual moodle module is no longer located in a sub directory of the downloaded zip file. You can now unzip the download straight into your moodle/mod directory and it should work immediatly.

This release has the following bugfixes/improvements :

  1. Language file has now been moved into the module directory so you don't have to remember to copy it manually. If you have an AutoView language file in your moodle/lang directory, it is reccomended to delete it.
  2. Automatic VLC sources. VLC can play most Quicktime and Windows Media files, if AutoView fails to find a suitable plugin for a presentation and the presentation has either a QT or Windows Media source configured, then a VLC source pointing at the same URL will be temporarily added. Note : This will not be triggered when the presentation is in editing mode.
  3. Enhancements to the code which is intended to connect to the document conversion service and addition of a new flash slide type for use with the conversion service.
  4. Fix bug in FlashVideo control class which was causing relative urls to be converted to fixed urls and permanently stored in this way. URL's entered as relative will now stay relative.
  5. Flash video sources with rtmp:// but no .flv file extension no longer generate a type error.
  6. Empty index elements in the .avx file will no longer generate broken javascript.
  7. Current slide/subtitle index is highlighted in the editor times display.
  8. Subtitle editing buttons are hidden when they can't be used.