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AutoView Module version 2008022201 now available for download
by Tim Williams - Friday, 22 February 2008, 6:28 PM
The following features/bugs have been addressed :

  1. Bug in choose config file button for module instance config fixed
  2. Added a new option - pause before slide change. Note, if the trigger for the second slide is set to 0:0.1, then
    presentation will not pause for the first slide change. This is to allow for an opening title slide.
  3. Fixed a problem with the detection of some versions of the VLC plugin
  4. The time monitor slide sync method dosn't work with Quicktime on linux with crossover, this is now accounted for.
  5. Flash video now mentioned in the help file.
  6. MozPlugger plugin causes false detection of Quicktime and sometimes breaks RealPlayer. This is now accounted for in the plugin detection system.
  7. Non-english language strings have been updated in AutoView core