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Module version 2007090301 now available
by Tim Williams - Monday, 3 September 2007, 3:04 PM

The next AutoView for Moodle module release is available. It should address the following issues :

  1. Document converter now correctly handles original presentations in subdirectories
  2. Document converter xml data now removed after it is finished with
  3. Problem with image download progress display in AutoView core fixed
  4. VLC plugin controls should now display more neatly on small screen sizes
  5. Minor bug in backup fixed
  6. Empty boxes now show for unset slide times
  7. Page now set to reload when Real Player video source is updated, this cures a problem with Real not re-reading the plugin tag when HTML in the page is updated.
  8. Slide titles are now processed so that escape sequences are added for characters which are likely to cause a problem in the XML file.
  9. The current slide title is now show in the Set current slide title box to make editing easier
  10. recieveXML.php now outputs proper HTML