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Mac Safari Problems
by Mauro Zaninelli - Wednesday, 21 November 2012, 5:59 PM

Dear Tim,

I'm testing the plug-in with Mac systems and I'm having some problems. During the set-up, about the source video settings, I use:

  • Video Type: Quicktime
  • Video URL: (a file uploaded to the course)
  • Bandwidth: Nome
  • Eventtriggers?: None
  • Slides: Noslides.

With these settings, I’m having problems to show the video. Under Safari in Mac systems, Quicktime does not work and is not called by the plug-in. The strange thing is that under Microsoft systems, IE works and is well integrated with Quicktime.

I tested also other set-up: .mp4 videos, streaming connections (with .mov and .mp4), slides (as .flv and separate imagines). The problem remain. Do you have any suggestion to solve the problem? I’ve seen that the plug-in was already tested under Safari and Mac OS.



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Re: Mac Safari Problems
by Mauro Zaninelli - Thursday, 22 November 2012, 4:45 PM

Dear Tim,

jast an update: lessons in Safari installed on Widows works. On Mac doesn't. Do you have suggestions?



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Re: Mac Safari Problems
by Tim Williams - Thursday, 22 November 2012, 11:24 PM

The Mac/Safari test was based on user feedback, so it's not necessarily relevant to the current version, I don't have a Mac available to me for regular testing. I do have an iPad and I can confirm that the "Built In (HTML 5)" video mode works reliably on the iPad, so this should be OK on the Mac as well. Does this work for you?

Also, does Quicktime work on the Mac using Firefox?

Note, the slides will need to be in a .swf file not a .flv file, .flv will only work as a video source for Flash video.