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AutoView version 2012100901 and Lecture Capture Live 1.09 released
by Tim Williams - Wednesday, 10 October 2012, 12:20 AM

This AutoView release makes includes the following bugfixes/improvements:

  1. The Moodle 1.x and 2.x module code bases have now been merged using our Moodle 1/2 abstraction layer, so the same module can be installed into both versions of Moodle unmodified.
  2. The global search indexer has now been ported or use in Moodle 2.x.
  3. The hide navigation option now works in Moodle 2.x
  4. The Exit Presentation button (only shown if the navigation is hidden) now has a frame target.
  5. Slide title parsing for the Broadcast mode has been improved
  6. A bug which caused video playback to stop in some circumstances when changing slide has been fixed
  7. Tested with Moodle 2.3

Lecture Capture Live 1.09 has the following improvements:

  1. Minor styling improvements
  2. Debug logging can now be enabled by the user, making it easier to track server configuration errors
  3. Some bugs relating to the reading of slide titles in the Broadcast client have been fixed