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AutoView for Moodle 1.9.x and 2.x version 2011061301 now available
by Tim Williams - Monday, 13 June 2011, 4:58 PM

This is AutoView Moodle Module release is available for both Moodle 1.9.x and 2.x. Please note that the Moodle 2.x is still considered to be a preview version and has not yet been exhaustively tested.

The following fixes and improvements have been made since the last AutoView release:

  1. Fix non-critical php error notice generated by view.php.
  2. Fix course link not being shown in breadcrumbs on index page using Moodle 1.9
  3. Added iPhone/iPad/iPod user agent detection (note iPhone support is not yet tested).
  4. Added webm format support to HTML 5 video type.
  5. Fix subtitle save error if a return char is in the subtitle.
  6. Fixes for quickstart wizard in IE 9
  7. Portuguese language strings for the editor reprocessed and escaped for better compatibility.
  8. Slide times are no longer deleted from memory if the only video source is deleted, the times are only deleted when the editor exits.
  9. Missing .avx files are now automatically recreated using the blank template.
  10. Fixed editor autosave failure on exit in Chrome web browser.
  11. Added test to detect Android Phone vs Android Tablet. This test looks for 'mobile' in the user agent. Some Android tablets use the mobile version of webkit, so will still behave as phones when displaying AutoView.
  12. HTML 5 video container type (WEBM/OGG/MP4) now shown in video options list.
  13. Starting the editor now generates a log event
  14. Moodles "Use slash arguments" config option is now supported.

In addition, the following improvements have been made to the Moodle 2.x release:

  1. Code to integrate with the backup system has now been added (note, files held in the coursefiles area will not be included in the backups)
  2. You are now warned on the config page and the presentation view page if the Repository File Manager and/or Course File Area repository are not installed.