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AutoView for Moodle 2011020801 now available
by Tim Williams - Tuesday, 8 February 2011, 3:44 PM

This release has been through a comprehensive test schedule and has the following fixes/improvements:

  1. Double hyphens in users name/site URL no longer cause an XSL processing error.
  2. Fixed global search integration.
  3. Fixed bug allowing slide/subtitle index 0 to be set to a time other than 0.
  4. $flashserver is now used in Quickstart wizard for LCL URL's.
  5. Some revisions to non-english language strings.
  6. HTML 5 support can now be enabled with a Javascript call in the module config, instead of editing the code.
  7. Some improvements and bugfixes to the HTML5 video source type.
  8. Curved frame borders are now used for all browsers that support CSS3, not just Firefox.
  9. Edit mode compatibility warning is now printed at the bottom of the editing frame, instead of an alert box when editing using something other than Firefox/IE.
  10. Position Load/Save control now hidden when using Windows Media Player, this has never worked because WMP always stops playing and returns to the start of the video when anything in the same window is clicked.
  11. Subtitle source editor now only allows the source type to be selected for new sources.
  12. Subtitle source editor now extends the window height when the textbox import option is chosen.
  13. Subtitle timeline sync is switched off when adding new subtitles.
  14. The thumbnails on/off state is now remembered using a cookie.
  15. Edit presentation link on module config page for Moodle 1.9 now shown.

This release can be downloaded here.

Moodle 2

This release does not yet support Moodle 2.x, however, a Moodle 2.x release is being actively worked on and the first test version should be ready within the next few weeks.

Moodle 1.8

This is likely to be the last release to support Moodle 1.8. If you are running 1.8, please update your servers.