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AutoView Module 2010112201 and Lecture Capture Live 1.04 released
by Tim Williams - Monday, 22 November 2010, 6:13 PM

AutoView module for Moodle version 2010112201 has now been released alongside version 1.04 of our Lecture Capture Live addon.

Improvements to the Moodle module:

  1. Added admin configurable bandwidth limits for live recording and broadcast with Lecture Capture Live.
  2. Document converter now has a please wait screen warning the user the conversion may take a little time.
  3. Better error reporting from the document converter
  4. Styling improvements for popup editing windows
  5. curl support for the document converter slide file upload
  6. Video broadcast flv file now named broadcast-video if the xml file is called config
  7. Slide titles with & chars no longer cause problems in the broadcast client

Improvements to Lecture Capture Live

  1. Configurable bandwidth limits for broadcast/recording
  2. Live broadcast now creates a new file every time the broadcast is stopped and started.