AutoView Moodle Module

AutoView in Moodle 2 AutoView in Moodle 2
AutoView in Moodle 2.xAutoView editing mode in Moodle 2.x

This page contains the GPL AutoView module downloads for Moodle 1.x and 2.x. The GPL module does not include the Lecture Capture Live or Document Conversion Service functionality, but it does include everything you need to make a video presentation using pre-prepared videos and slides.

If you download AutoView Presenter for Moodle, please let us know how you get on in the support forums elsewhere on this website.

The Moodle 2.x module also requires the Course Files Area Repository and Repository File Manager Block in order to function. Suitable downloads for Moodle 2.x are included below. These additional addons are needed because the Moodle Files API doesn't provide the functionality necessary for AutoView. You must use these plugins to upload and handle the files used by AutoView, if you upload using the default Moodle 2.x functions, AutoView will probably fail.

These plugins need to be installed into the correct Moodle sub-directories to function correctly:

  • AutoView: moodle/mod
  • Repository File Manager: moodle/blocks
  • Course File Area: moodle/repository

Please make sure that an instance of the Course Files Area is set up on your Moodle installation and that it is 'enabled and visible' in the repository configuration. Adding an instance of the Repository File Manager block to your courses isn't necessary, but we have found it to be useful to do so.

Important Note: The Autoview module download below is compatible with both Moodle 1.x and 2.x.